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Some videos I have made over the years.

A Peanuts/THE ROOM mashup. Special thanks to Tommy Wiseau and the Charles Schultz estate for not suing me.

An unofficial music video for the song.  My Fav video from one of my favorite bands.  Took me three days to put together.  61,000+ views. Right now sitting at 816 thumbs up and 22 thumbs down.  Pretty good.

The most prophetic song ever! Recorded in 2003.  Made this early in the Primaries. Didn't think that it would still be relevant.

What did the band think?  HERE

The fanbase blew up when I released this. Evidently 20% of KMFDM fans never listened to their liberal lyrics.  They were shocked by my images of Trump to the lyrics. 

Specially made for an appreciative band.

Warning: contains images of death.
Challenging subject matter: those who abuse power in God's name, often with tragic results.

Didn't make this one but I have TWO roles in it.  Local Horror flick.

Me singing on Blue Monday (my favorite song) with ORGY.  I am the second singer and do I suck!  Way too much fun!

"F Yeah!"

Me at MIS in a Porsche 911 GT3 at 130 MPH!

With Xtreme Xperience

A little stress relief.

Done back in 2000 on a 486 PC with the first version of Premiere.  Took forever because each time I rendered a copy, it would take all night.  I would make a change, then wait until the next day to see what the final result was.  446,000+ views and counting.

UNOFFICIAL! Another tribute to the greatest band in the world. The Ultra Heavy Beat changes things up a bit with great results. What did the band think?  Click here.

Recently unearthed trailer for the film THE ROOM from 1971. Tommy Wiseau's best film to date.

My second green screen movie.  Everything was separate:  CGI, Audio and backgrounds.  Compiled by me.  
"There's a fine line between clever and stupid." - David St. Hubbins. 
Special thanks to CHANT for letting me use their outstanding song!

My follow up to Speed Racer.  Again captured on an ancient PC from a VHS tape




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