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4933 Weatherstone, Kentwood MI 49508 · 616-633-2871 · ·

Michael Horaney


I work on the front end, a bridge between customer service and the staff who are the back end of technology. Using active listening skills, I connect the customer and the IT staff. I quickly adapt to changing environments, keeping tasks on track while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I discern my roles and responsibilities and prioritize level of urgency and importance. Urgent, urgent important, important and non urgent/not important. I minimize wasted and duplicate efforts to maximize customer satisfaction and financial outcomes.


July 1999-November 2021                 SpartanNash              Grand Rapids, MI

Computer Systems Engineer

  • Second level technical support for OS, software and hardware

  • Review, testing and deployment of computer hardware

  • IT hardware/software liaison for all IT corporate projects outside of the IT department.

  • First level of IT procurement management: consult and negotiate tech needs of all corporate associates based on want, appropriate solution and cost.

  • Responsible for the life cycle of over two-hundred third-party applications, including tax, accounting, marketing, graphic design, and other wide-ranging software. 

  • The "face" of IT for the company.  The go-to person for any IT questions, concerns or problems that associates have and are not sure where to go.

  • Setup and deployment of all laptops and desktops within the corporation. 70/month


July 1996-July 1999          SpartanNash           Grand Rapids, MI

Computer Support Specialist

  • First level technical support for corporate and retail locations

  • Liaison to second-level support team

  • Including PC hardware/software and Retail technology equipment.


Skills and Support

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Adobe products, including Photoshop and Premiere Pro

  • Crestron hardware

  • Computer hardware troubleshooting and repair

  • Strong writing and communication skills

  • Research, testing, implementation, maintenance, and support of software

  • Strong Customer Service Skills



Sept 1988 – June 1992

Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, MI

BA in Behavioral Psychology

Social Work minor

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